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Teamster Election Translations

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Teamster Election



1050 17th Street, NW, Suite 375

Washington, DC 20036 202-429–8683

844-428-8683 Toli Free 202-774-5526 FacSimile


RiGHARD W. MARK Election Supervisor



WHEN: August 25, 2016, 6:30 pm (EDT)

WHERE: National Press Club


529 14th Street, NW, 13th Floor Washington, D.C. 20045

A limited number of tickets are available to attend the Candidates Forum, in person. Contact the candidates for information on tickets.

Fred Zuckerman, candidate for IBT General President on the Teamsters United Slate

Ken Hall, candidate for IBT General Secretary-Treasurer on the Hoffa-Hall 2016 Slate

(Jim Hoffa, candidate for IBT General President on the Hoffa-Hall 2016 Slate has designated Mr. Hall to appear as his representative at the Candidates Forum. 2016 Election Rules, Article VII, Section 6(d))

WATCH: Watch LIVE at or The

internet audience will be able to submit questions that may be posed to the candidates during the Forum.

Watch the Forum later, or read the transcript, at


This is an official notice prepared and approved by Richard W. Mark, Election Supervisor for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. It must

remain posted on this bulletin board through August 31, 2016 and must not be defaced or covered up.

Rule 2.21

Rule 2.21 Electronic Devices Changes

I received this email from the Portland Service Unit. 

Good Afternoon Team,

Today we received the new SSI that will go into effect on May 2, 2016. In looking at the changes I found one that will impact us and our past practices.  Please review Rule 2.21 Electronic devises.  The major parts that you need to know about the change are as follows.  

Personal Electronic devices must be powered off with any ear piece removed from the ear, and properly stowed whileON DUTY.

After conducting a safety briefing with all crew members and agree the limited use of the device is safe to do so.  Cell phone can only be use for voice communication (no texting, social media, etc )

An operating employee may use an electronic device when:

1.        Deadheading in a non controlling unit or automobile.

2.        In a crew room to update rules or other documents specified in SSI Item 7-A or other required company provided electronic media only.

We used to be able to use a cell phone while on duty in a crew room.  The way the rules department has outlined rule 2.21 this will no longer be allowed.  When coming on duty your device must be stowed away and turned off.   We are communicating this change in an effort to spread the word as quickly as possible.  Should there be any updates or changes to this rule again in the coming weeks I will be sure to get them to you as well.  The service unit will be conducting a communication stand down in the coming weeks to help bring attention to this change as well.


I have talked to the head of rules in Omaha and this is the position that is being taken.  While in the crew room your are not allowed to text, play games, be on social media, surf the web, etc.  The second bullet on the email is the only time the cellphone can be utilized to the internet.  This can only happen after there is a job briefing with all crew members.  This rule is considered a critical rule and a violation will result in MAPS. 

Vacation Settlement Award

Brothers and Sisters,


Please check your web page for an important new award.




Brothers and Sisters,

Our Committee has sent letters to the UP about MAPS and they have responded, you can view these letters on you respective Hub pages.


Restricted Medications

Brothers and Sisters,

There is a new list of restricted medications. You can find this list on your Hub Web Page. 



New Discipline Policy

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State Legislative Chairmen

All of our State Board Chairman now have access to a page.  The exception to the group is the Illnois State Chairman has their own website.  Just click on Illionis and it take you to their page.

Local Chairmen Email

Brothers and Sisters,

Your Local Chairman's email address is now found on the contact tab of the GCA website.  Don't forget to send them your email address so you won't get locked out of the websites for your Hubs.  We will be locking down soon as our Webmaster is going on vacation for 4 weeks so if you don't make the cut you will be locked out until he returns from vacation.

GCA website page in case you forgot.

Website Access

Brothers and Sisters,

Please make sure your Local Chairman has your correct email address, you will lose access to the web page if we don't have your email.   You will be required to Login to the page witha user id and password.

Thanks in advance,





If you are called and subsequently released the computer will ask you if you have been called and released. Do not falsely answer this question, new programming is going to catch those employees who have been called and released, then check no to the answer if they were called and released.  Lying about the call and release, tying up and going home at the bottom of the board is going to get serious.  Do not be the person caught in this situation, if less than 4 hours, you should go first out.  If over 4 hours then you go to the bottom of the board.  This is an advance warning, please spread the word.

Ronnie Rhodes


Division Pages

Brothers and Sisters, 

Your Local Chariman are being taught how to put information on your Division pages.  This will be a little slower than the Board Stands, CMTS, etc. that are on the pages now.  There will be no sensitive information put on the pages until we increase security with a personal log in for each of you.  You must be a BLET Member to get the log in information.  We are a few weeks away but for now you can use the board standings, CMTS, etc.

Thanks for your patience,





Board Standings for Division 613

Brothes and Sisters,

The board standings for Division 613 can be found on the St. Louis Hub page.  Russ will also have a page for announcemnents.




New Standing Bid, Lodging and Starts Agreement

17 Lodging-Starts-Standing Bid-Signed-06-19-2015.pdf


The link above will take you to our new Standing Bid, Lodging and Starts Agreement.


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Welcome to the new BLE-T Central Region GCA

The BLET - UP Central Region General Committee of Adjustment represents locomotive engineers and trainmen employed with the Union Pacific Railroad working in the Central Region. This General Committee represents the Kansas City, Little Rock and St. Louis seniority hubs. Brother Ronnie Rhodes is the General Chairman of the Central Region GCA.

BLET/UP Central Region GCA
320 Brookes Drive - Suite 115
Hazelwood, MO 63042

(314) 895-5858 (Office)