Division Pages

Brothers and Sisters, 

Your Local Chariman are being taught how to put information on your Division pages.  This will be a little slower than the Board Stands, CMTS, etc. that are on the pages now.  There will be no sensitive information put on the pages until we increase security with a personal log in for each of you.  You must be a BLET Member to get the log in information.  We are a few weeks away but for now you can use the board standings, CMTS, etc.

Thanks for your patience,





Board Standings for Division 613

Brothes and Sisters,

The board standings for Division 613 can be found on the St. Louis Hub page.  Russ will also have a page for announcemnents.




New Standing Bid, Lodging and Starts Agreement

17 Lodging-Starts-Standing Bid-Signed-06-19-2015.pdf


The link above will take you to our new Standing Bid, Lodging and Starts Agreement.


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Welcome to the new BLE-T Central Region GCA

The BLET - UP Central Region General Committee of Adjustment represents locomotive engineers and trainmen employed with the Union Pacific Railroad working in the Central Region. This General Committee represents the Kansas City, Little Rock and St. Louis seniority hubs. Brother Ronnie Rhodes is the General Chairman of the Central Region GCA.

BLET/UP Central Region GCA
320 Brookes Drive - Suite 115
Hazelwood, MO 63042

(314) 895-5858 (Office)