Attendance Appeals

Brothers and Sisters,

Our BLET Central Region Committee of Adjustments (GCA) has sought court action since the implementation of UP's latest Attendance Policy based on a point system per layoff.

In conjunction with the lawsuit we will also be appealing any layoff for each member that had points assessed to him/her.  What we need from the member is to print off their attendance history off the MYUP screen, put your employee ID number on it and put it in your divisions box at 6400 Martin.  Your attendance monitor will print out a 90 day snapshot.  If you have had points assessed in the past 60 days print it off and put it in the box.  Going forward every layoff you get assessed points you will need to print it off and put it in the box.  The local chairman will scan it and send it to the GCA to get appealed.

We will be fighting this attendance policy at every angle we can.  Your Local Chairman can not see your attendance history so we need the members participation to get the information to us so we can appeal these.

Any questions please contact your Local Chairman    

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