Free Day for Extra Boards - For those of you on the extra boards, you know the pain of getting a free day denied. The problem with the free day, CMS created this status of FD to allow extra board employees to have the day of a half. However, the fight we have been in for quite some time is the agreement language states you are allowed one (24-hour period) per half if you are not first out at the time of the layoff and the layoff is between 12:01 Monday and concluded by 1159 Thursday. If the layoff is within this criteria the engineer only loses his Bonus day.  


In the past CMS has taken the position they can refuse the FD request, we have been very successful in getting claims paid if an engineer only has one layoff regardless of status (LS, LK, LP, etc) getting the day of guarantee reinstated and paid out to the engineer. 


The good news is this week we made some headway with Labor and CMS they are going to get the programming together to allow the FD on EAMS and it CAN NOT be denied! 


There are some programming issues for the carrier to overcome and should be available in the soon future.