Flipping and Overtime

Flipping and Overtime, has been another struggle for us and we have a solution. Labor is getting with timekeeping and in the next few days. They will be applying the agreement correctly.


What this means for you is, that when you are called to Deadhead to the AFHT and take a train back to the home terminal, your "day" for overtime calculation starts when you get on the train at the AFHT.


Likewise, when you take a train to the AFHT or don’t make the AFHT you stay on overtime till you get in the van.


Remember for everyone that flips or is used for HOS at the AFHT, REGARDLESS of where you are working you are entitled to waiting on limo time! 


It is very important to show your FRA CORRECTLY! Timekeeping is using your FRA records to determine when your overtime starts and stops. The changes within timekeeping are going to take some time until this is programmed if you are in this situation use a non-service claim if your overtime is offset.